Pre-Workout Supplements: Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Do you want to know the effects of pre-workout supplements? Pre-workout supplements have become popular and, experts claim that it improves your fitness. But, other experts say that 0 calories pre-workouts are potentially dangerous. 

What are Pre-Workout Supplements?

Pre-workout supplements are multi-ingredient dietary supplements designed to increase energy levels and improve athletic performance. Most of the supplements are powdered substances that can be mixed in water and consumed before workout sessions. 

There are numerous pre-supplements available in the market; that includes ingredients like Vitamin B, Amino acids, Caffeine, Creatine and other artificial sweeteners. 

What is the use of Pre-workout Supplements?

The best pre-workout supplement is designed to boost energy and athletic performance. These supplements consist of types of ingredients in different amounts.

Pre-workout supplements are used for muscle growth, physical performance, prevent muscle glycogen depletion and boost energy instantly which, helps in a physical workout. 

Benefits of Pre-Workout Supplements

Like a coin that has two faces, pre-workout supplements have both benefits and side effects. As per research, some ingredients of the supplements improve athletic performance. 

  • Nitric oxide relaxes blood vessels and maintains blood flow. Studies show that consuming this ingredient boosts the oxygen level and potentially enhances athletic performance. Nitric oxide is a naturally occurring compound and available in most pre-workout supplements. 

However, supplements including nitric oxide are the best pre-workout supplement for men.

  • Caffeine is used in almost all pre-workout supplements to enhance energy levels. Caffeine improves mental alertness, memory, workout performance and fat burning. If you do not want to take supplements, you can consume coffee directly for all these benefits. 
  • Creatine is naturally produced in your body. It is available in skeletal muscle and responsible for energy production and muscular strength. Along with supplements, it is also a standalone supplement. As per studies, creatine supplements improve your body’s stored supply of creatine which; reduces the healing time of the body. 
  • Along with physical effects, pre-workout supplements affect the cognitive process such as alertness, focus, reaction time and positive vibes. Ingredients in pre-workout supplements also reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. 

Side effects of the Pre-Workout Supplements

Indeed, pre-workout supplements are beneficial for workouts but also have numerous side effects. 

  • All the pre-workout supplements are loaded with artificial sweeteners or sugar alcohols. However, these ingredients might improve the taste without adding calories but, some can cause discomfort in people. 
  • Also, high sugar intake triggers problems like gas, bloating and diarrhoea. Either try a small amount at the beginning of such supplements or completely avoid supplements with large sugar quantities. 
  • Excessive caffeine intake usually leads to problems like high blood pressure, anxiety or impaired sleep. Most of the supplements contain an equal amount of caffeine available in 1-2 cups of coffee. 

However, if you are planning to take pre-workout supplements, consider both benefits and side effects of the supplements. Consult a professional to avoid serious health issues from these supplements. Do not forget to check the quality, while buying pre-workout supplements.