How To Keep A Track of Your Nutrition And Stay Active At Home?

One of the major reasons behind the lockdown weight gains is not having a routine. Unlike our normal life, we do not have a routine anymore, be it for working or eating. This is the first way to keep track of your nutrition at home during the lockdown. 

Plan your meals ahead of time and include healthy, nutritious items in each meal. This way you’re not only planning healthy meals but having a schedule keeps you away from the kitchen every time you’re bored. 

Remove Temptations 

Each of us has had the weak moments of binge eating the entire bag of chips or chocolates in one sitting during the lockdown, but this is not the way to continue. The easiest way to keep yourself away from unhealthy food is to not keep it in the house. If you don’t see it around you, you won’t be tempted to eat it. Include foods that build lean muscles.

Another approach to controlling unhealthy eating is to not eat out of the bag. Serve a small number of your snacks in a small bowl. Also, try not to eat while you’re distracted by tv or something else. When we’re distracted we tend to eat more even when we’re not hungry.     

Stay Hydrated 

As boring as this advice is, it is equally important. Make sure to drink an adequate amount of water. This not only keeps you hydrated but also prevents you from overeating. Try to incorporate 6-8 glasses of fluids in your day.  

Schedule Workouts

Like the very first point mentions the importance of having a routine for eating, same goes for staying active. Schedule a time in your day for working out and make sure you stick to it. Staying inactive at home is not only detrimental to your physical health but also for your mental health. So make sure to squeeze in a workout every day. 

Find A Workout Partner 

It could be hard to stay motivated to work out every day when you’re alone, which is why having a workout buddy in lockdown could be especially helpful. If you live with someone, try to partner up with them and work out together. If this is not an option, you can also partner up with friends virtually or take virtual fitness classes. This would help you stay motivated in the long run. 

Do Active House Chores 

Staying active throughout the day is very important especially if you’re not working out. Try to involve yourself in active household chores like cleaning, moping, etc., this will keep you active, help you burn some calories, and living in a clean space will help you out with stress. 

Filter The News Intake 

It could be seriously stressful to keep watching the news all day long. Avoid watching pandemic-related news for a long time and also avoid fake stressful news from social media and other unverified sources. This helps you reduce the stress which affects your overall health.