How 10 min daily skipping can help you reach your health goals

There would be hardly anyone who hasn’t skipped rope at least once in their lives. For a lot of us skipping rope takes us back to those hours of joy and fun we had on the playground with our friends.

 While during our childhood skipping was just a playful activity, as adults it is an amazing workout option to lose weight, gain muscles, and improve overall health. If you stopped skipping after your childhood, here are a few reasons why you need to bring it back into your life again:

 Decrease belly fat

 If you’re trying to lose weight skipping is one of the best workout options to include in your routine. HIIT exercise like jump rope has been linked to faster fat loss results, particularly around the abs and trunk area. By pulling your core tight during skipping, you can target that stubborn belly fat and get a sculpted abdomen. Not only this, when you skip rope it impacts your entire body including calves, rear deltoids, abdominals, quads, hamstrings, etc.   

 Improve heart health

 Like we said before, jump rope is a type of HIIT workout. High-intensity workouts have been shown to make your heart stronger and decrease the risk of heart diseases and stroke. Similarly, when you jump rope it increases your heartbeat to a higher intensity than normal, hence making your heart stronger.  

 Toned muscles

 As mentioned above, that skipping impacts your entire body and hence the muscles. Skipping can help you achieve toned muscles for both your upper and lower body. As you increase the level of skipping, with time it will make your muscles stronger, leaner, and toned. 

 Increase agility

 If you’ve ever done some research about the workout life of athletes, gymnasts, sports players, etc., you’ll find skipping to be a part of their routines. That’s because whether you’re a beginner or pro, skipping rope is one of the best workout options. It promotes agility, improves your stamina, flexibility, and balance.

 Improve lung capacity

 According to research, skipping rope promotes better respiration and improves blood circulation. It increases blood circulation by increasing the heart rate during the workout and the breathing intake as well, therefore strengthening your lung capacity.

Better mental health

 It’s common knowledge that exercise, in general, improves your mental health as it boosts the production of serotonin, the happy hormone, and it also boosts your confidence. Skipping rope specifically helps your mental health by bringing your mind and body in synchronization. Skipping rope requires focus, which in turn brings your body and mind in synchronization. This generates positive energy in your mind and body. Other than this, skipping rope also improves your concentration and memory.

 It’s time to go back to one of your favorite childhood activities, skipping rope, but this time to improve your health and fitness. Start slow and build a stronger workout routine by gradually increasing the time and intensity of skipping.